Six Steps for Building a Successful Storytelling Strategy


Engaging stories can help to connect people to your company. Through your stories, you can establish trust. People can learn what your company values and how you do business. In today’s marketplace, the most successful companies are the ones that create a brand image that their customers can identify with and relate to directly.

Whether your organization is new to storytelling or if you want to take it to the next level, here are some tips for creating a winning strategy:

1. Look at what you’re already doing. Analyze your various content channels. Where is your company’s content being disseminated and how often? Are you telling stories on any of your content channels? Is anyone clicking through to read them? Look at what’s working and expand on those positive results.

If you have stories posted that no one is reading, take the time to analyze the content. Are you sharing engaging and emotionally-resonant stories? Are you sharing new information? Are you motivating and inspiring the reader with content that they might want to act on or share?

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