Stories Sell. Are You Telling Your Company’s Story?


How well are you telling your company’s story? How often do you update your clients on your new services? When do you tell people about your successes?

In the current marketplace, ads aren’t enough. Facebook posts aren’t enough. Twitter isn’t enough. For the best results, these pieces should work together with an integrated storytelling strategy.

Stories sell. Companies like Hurley (owned by Nike), Google, Starbucks, and Boeing use strategic stories to build brand loyalty, promote their products, and share their company’s mission and vision.

Your company should be using storytelling (both print and video stories) to communicate core corporate values, to highlight your products and services, and to let people know about all the ways that your organization gives back to the community.

Storytelling should be part of your company’s overall marketing and communications strategy, but it should also involve every member of your organization. As you plan for 2017, think about how you can integrate a storytelling culture into the way that you do business.

Learn six corporate storytelling best practices to get started at read the full blog post.

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