Seven Social Media Trends for Business

SOCIAL-MEDIA1The only consistent rule with social media is that it’s always going to change. Even tried-and-true brands like Facebook continue to evolve. Here are some exciting new social media trends and tools that can help your business stay socially relevant.

1. Live Video Streams

Facebook Live, the live-stream, real-time video feature, offers an excellent way to take your engagement up a notch. Use it for live events like performances or speaker presentations; host a townhall and instantly respond to questions online; or give viewers a behind-the-scenes tour. Facebook Live is also great for demos, workshops, and man-on-the-street interviews. You can go live for up to 90-minutes. Get tips for going Live here.

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Raise More Money with Creative Content (Onsite Training)

content meeting

Creative content has become a critical part of doing business. How well are you telling your organization’s story?

Whether your goal is to motivate your current donors, reach out to new donors, or secure grant funding, you need stories that convey the impact of your programs and services. If you’re not telling stories, you’re leaving money on the table.

In this one-day training, your team will learn:

  • Best practices for developing stories that inspire and motivate donors.
  • How to find and identify compelling stories.
  • How to plan an annual editorial calendar and production schedule.
  • How to track and evaluate how well your stories are performing.

Willona Sloan has several years of experience as a writer and content developer working with nonprofit organizations. Learn more about how to create a content culture at our organization.

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