Inspired by David Bowie

David Bowie knitDavid Bowie’s style broke the laws of our universe. Colors were more brilliant; more dazzling on him. Searing orange. Lightning bolt yellow. Blood red. Bowie was patterns on patterns. And the textures! He brought cohesion to chaos. A silk kimono, a vinyl suit, a velvet jumper. He could pull it off.

Looking for some inspiration? Be bold. Be brave. Be Bowie.

Here’s some tips for integrating the colors and textures of Bowie into your favorite spaces.

Try Orange

Just do it. Pick a bright, wild, reckless shade of orange. Be a rebel.

orange room 3 home edit
                                                                                                                                                 Courtesy Homedit

Integrate texture into your living space. Experiment. Create a tactile environment of inviting textures that excite the eye. Sometimes the boldest pieces can be more conservative or quaint  — It’s all in how you integrate things into your eclectic space.

Blue room knit
                                                                                    Courtesy Apartment Therapy


Let your freak flag fly. Paint the ceiling.

bowie room stripes
                                                                                                       Courtesy Greg Natale

Fear color no more. Bring sunshine and spirit to your home with bright paintings. Use art pieces to showcase your personality. Buy pieces that capture your imagination; touch your heart and make you smile.

bowie room 6
                                                                                       Courtesy Desire to Inspire

Go contemporary; vintage; eclectic; chic; bold and brassy. Find a color palate you like and experiment within that range. Mix and match textures and patterns, paint the walls. Surprise yourself.

The-Beauty-of-Beige from home edit

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