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Virtual Writing Happy Hour Series (Tuesdays, 5 PM)


Join us for a virtual, creative writing hour at the National Portrait Gallery! Bring your own happy hour beverage of choice and write with us. We will provide writing prompts, and you are also welcome to bring your own writing project-in-progress. We will write for about 30 minutes and end each session with a brief discussion or reading. Register here for an upcoming happy hour.

Social Justice Writing Workshop

Dates: Monday, June 21 – Monday, July 26 (no class on July 5). Five class session
Cost: $125
Register here

The past year has seen our entire world change, from the COVID-19 pandemic, to the global protests against racial violence and police brutality, to mass shootings, more racially-motivated violence, and on and on. Writers should be at the forefront, creating positive change for their communities.

As writers, we practice world-building as part of our craft. This workshop will focus on writing the world you want to live in. Participants will focus on a social issue about which they passionate, and will develop a writing project that they will develop over the course of the workshop.

Joy and Pain: Writing Workshop for Writers of Color

Dates: Wednesday, June 16 – July 21 (no class on July 7). Five class session
Cost: $125
Register here

During this five-week course designed for writers of color, we will create a tapestry of memories and experiences of the things that bring us pleasure and happiness even in the midst of the storm, and we will celebrate those moments of joy that sustain us.

Each week, participants will discuss and create new writing in response to works of literature, music, dance, and visual art by artists of color. Participants will do in-class guided writing exercises, and develop a final class project on which they will receive feedback. Throughout the course, we will discuss avenues for publishing to help writers share their words with the world.

Past Events

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