Welcome to Miami

Miami Beach Coast, Florida

Meet the pioneers transforming Miami’s coffee industry.

Known for sun, fun, and rhythm, one thing Miami was not known for was specialty coffee. Until recently.

Since 2010, specialty coffee has spread across Miami. Through customer education and a focus on service and quality, a handful of pioneers have transformed the city’s coffee industry.


Jump-starting Miami’s specialty scene wasn’t the idea when Joel and Leticia Pollock dreamed of creating their own coffee company. Joel had worked in coffee in Portland, Oregon; Leticia had worked in Portland and her native Brazil. Together, they wanted to do coffee their way—they just didn’t know where. While vacationing in Miami, they saw their opportunity.

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5 Best Indie Coffee Shops In D.C.

From its homegrown hardcore punk scene to its grassroots activist movements, Washington, D.C. has a strong indie spirit. In a city where “Do It Yourself” is a mantra, that DIY spirit comes through in D.C.’s small but mighty specialty coffee scene. With their focus on quality and sustainability, indie coffee shops have gained a faithful following.

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