Write. Publish. Write. Publish.

shutterstock_184700948Writing with Willona Coaching Sessions


In this four-week e-session, you will:

  • Set a publication goal.
  • Set and meet weekly writing goals.
  • Research nonfiction markets for submission opportunities.
  • Assignment #1: Submit nonfiction (10 pages) for feedback.
  • Assignment #2: Submit story pitch or submission cover letter for feedback.

Final goal for every participant will be publication of a nonfiction work or acceptance of a story pitch. 

All weekly sessions provided by e-mail.

You will begin by taking an online assessment to establish challenges, writing habits and goals.

Whether you are an emerging writer who has never been published or a writer seeking an accountability partner, you will work towards publication in this four-week session.


  • Four-week e-session with writing sample (10 pages): $299
  • Four-week e-session without writing sample: $225 (Includes weekly check-ins and assignments and pitching guidance without feedback on 10 pages. Includes feedback on story pitch or submission cover letter.)


For more information, email Willona Sloan at writingwithwillona [at] gmail [dot] com.

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