Creative Writing Workshops

Looking for a new way to engage staff, build morale and infuse some fun into the workplace? Try a creative writing workshop.

Writing workshops stimulate creativity, innovation and imagination and also offer a relaxing outlet for staff.

Willona M. Sloan offers small group writing workshops (from 5-20 students) on a range of topics. Workshops can be customized or selected from the topics below.

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Creative Writing for Beginners

Using guided and independent writing exercises you will practice writing non-fiction stories and experiment with literary techniques such as crafting dialogue, writing conflict and developing three-dimensional characters in order to create short stories based on your own experiences.

Travels & Transformations

We’ll delve into your funny, frightening, and freaky travel experiences and explore the ways that these trips have transformed you and altered your perception of your place in the world.

Creative Writing Happy Hour

This is the perfect twist on the after work happy hour event. This workshop includes two 20-minute writing prompts accompanied by beer and wine! Write. Drink. Have fun!


Discover the District’s Jazz Age Poets (Literature Appreciation)

While the nucleus of the Harlem Renaissance was in New York, the movement was in full swing in D.C. We will read and discuss poems of D.C.’s Jazz Age, looking at works by Washingtonians such as Angelina Weld Grimke and Sterling Brown, as well as Langston Hughes and Zora Neale Hurston, who were struggling artists, working and studying in D.C. just as the Harlem Renaissance was emerging.

About Willona
Willona has taught workshops in the Washington, DC area at the Writer’s Center. She has hosted workshops and literary events at Flashpoint Gallery, Hamiltonian Gallery and the Smithsonian’s National Portrait Gallery. She also led workshops in partnership with The Reykjavík UNESCO City of Literature and the Reykjavík International Literary Festival.

Workshops are available as after hours or sunrise events. For more information, contact Willona at willonasloan [a] 

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